Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden at South Britain Congregational Church welcomes all.  Grown just in the tree line behind the parking lot, it was designed and built in the summer of 2015 by Sarah Stiles as part of her gold award, the highest award you can receive in Girl Scouts.  It has plants donated by various members of the congregation, benches donated by the Christian Education Committee and Outreach Committee, and a small library box to function with a “Take a book, Leave a book” policy.  This is a good place for sitting and listening to the birds, as well for youth groups from surrounding towns to use for fun and to learn about nature.  There is also a small field in front of the garden to run around in.  Below are some links to activity that might be helpful.  Please come and enjoy.  Open dawn to dusk.

Bug Hunt:

Color Hunt:

A more in-depth approach:

Up the road a few miles there are some letter boxes:

Audubon letterboxes: